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Here is an article and video by Lilianne Milgrom, the curator of “You, Me, and Everybody Else,” which ran in conjunction the show back in the Spring. My painting “Painter in a Candy Shop” was featured:

Traces magazine; August 2011; profile.

    The tactile, spiritual, even aural nature of drawing and painting are the languages that best express my perception of reality. I have found that through making art, I understand the rest of my life as a wife, mother, daughter, sister; maturing and aging; problem-solving; etc. And conversely, it is through life that I understand art.

    I begin from perception and work responsively–laying down a mark and then seeing how it relates to the whole. This physical and mental process leads the evolution of the work. I never begin with an end product in mind; evolution is crucial. I allow my works to develop and evolve so that the end products are stronger than I could have conceived them to be at the beginning of the process.

    Through the evolution of each work, it becomes embedded with the rich elements of drawing and painting most important to that work. Each piece is simultaneously a window into my life, and a composition that can be assessed for its formal qualities of mark, color and rhythm, and shape harmonizing.           

    It is this unity of form and concept that shows the union of my life and art. Each part is essential to the whole.